The History of Steakhouse Hama


The predecessor to Hama, “Hama Suzume,” opens in Osaka. Shortly after, Steakhouse Hama is opened and quickly gains rapport within the local community.


Driven to bring Osaka’s Teppanyaki culture to Tokyo, Steakhouse Hama Roppongi Branch is opened followed by Ginza, Sapporo, Meguro, Koriyama, and other locations around Japan.
These expansions continued to countries across the sea, bringing Japan’s Teppanyaki culture to the world. A long-standing pioneer of the Teppanyaki Steakhouse tradition, we have continued to strengthen and establish ourselves within the brand.


With the renewal of our Roppongi location as the Roppongi Flagship Branch, we continue to provide our guests with the same quality food and experience they have come to cherish.

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The House Meat Selection

Hama principally uses Matsusaka Beef and Omi Beef, two of Japan’s three major Wagyu beef brands as well as other specially selected prime cuts of Kuroge Wagyu beef prepared to perfection.

We also prepare our grilled garlic chips and in-house onion soy sauce in a way that draws out and compliments the natural flavors of our meats.


The secret to our distinct menu is in the grilling process using our in-house garlic chips. Our expert chefs carefully align the garlic chips in order on the grill to extract the essence of the meat.


A Collaboration between Chef and Customer

At Hama, we not only place importance in the ingredients used, but seek to preserve the culture of Hama in each and every encounter. It is not only the conversations, manners, movements, timing, or the preparation of the meal that is important to us. Our chefs welcome each of our guests “Omotenashi,” the Japanese spirit of hospitality.

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At Steakhouse Hama, guests not only enjoy our superb steak selection, but also experience our specially curated menu of seafood and vegetables. We have selected only the finest ingredients that will leave you satisfied after every dish of the evening.

こだわり こだわり

Hama, the place to create your precious memories

Here at Hama, you not only experience our luxurious and elegant atmosphere, but also the comfort and intimacy of our Teppanyaki grill counter seating where the cuisine is prepared right in front of you. We hope you can relax and enjoy the divine meals.

Whether it be a client dinner, business meeting, family dinner, or a night out, we aim to create the perfect meal for every circumstance or situation.