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Founded in 1964

Teppanyaki Steakhouse Hama

The classic flavor that has been loved for generations



A Feast for Your Eyes

Our policy is simple and constantly strive to provide quality cuts of prime steak grilled to perfection and evolve our practices to meet the needs of the modern age while carefully preserving tradition.

A luxurious experience where our expert chefs prepare specially selected Matsusaka Beef,
Omi Beef, and the freshest seafood available right before your very eyes. We invite you to this all-encompassing experience which engages not only your tastebuds but allows you to indulge with all five senses.



  • SteakHouse Hama ROPPONGI

    50 years of history makes you feel the glamorous and classic atmosphere but also, we offer a relaxing time with our fabulous steak.
    Whether you choose our open first floor space equipped with large Teppanyaki grills or choose our private rooms which provide a more intimate experience, we hope to add a moment of luxury to the everyday lives of our customers.


  • SteakHouse Hama GINZA

    Experience the old-fashioned Showa era charm of this mature and elegant atmosphere. Perfect for every occasion from meetings to anniversary events, we provide a wide and diverse range of wines to match the complex flavor palettes of our menu.


  • SteakHouse Hama MEGURO

    Enjoy a quiet and relaxing atmosphere while overlooking the courtyard. With seating for those wanting to enjoy our afternoon tea and dessert, we welcome families, friends, and couples to come and share their time in this charming location.


  • SteakHouse Hama SAPPORO

    The atmosphere and skill of the Roppongi Branch replicated in Hokkaido. Starting with the highest quality of Kuroge Wagyu beef we can provide, this location also offers a wide selection of fresh seafood from the Hokkaido area. We have also prepared a VIP room as well as private rooms available to guests who wish to indulge in the Hama experience without hesitation.


  • SteakHouse Ham KORIYAMA

    Located on the top floor of the Hotel Hamatsu, guests can enjoy looking out over the city of Koriyama while enjoying the finest Teppanyaki Cuisine. With private rooms and a dessert room, this location is perfect for any situation from a business meeting, a night out, or an unforgettable celebration.